New Gap Logo Conspiracy Theory

They just wanted us all to be abuzz!

Now that Gap has announced the very quick demise of their “new” logo and the return of the previous logo, I doubt the new logo was ever meant to last. Other than saying, “Remember when we used to buy clothes at The Gap?” no one has said much of anything about the store in a long time. They don’t have Abercrombie’s porno catalog hype or thongs-for-juniors controversies, and they haven’t had a real identity since the “So-and-So Wore Khakis” days. Now they’ve had a week’s worth of publicity and they get to look cool by responding to the logo issue via Facebook, Twitter and blog posts, spinning the reversion to the old logo as a response to popular, Internet  demand. See, all the hip, cool, modern Internet users care about Gap! See, Gap loves hip, cool, modern Internet users and will even change back to their old logo to satisfy their hip, cool, modern, Internet-savvy fans!

A quick check of Alexa shows that it seemed to work wonders for them. Check out the spike in pageviews over the past week:

Web site traffic spike after Gap's new logo appeared


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