Photography: Olivia Blake Slideshow

When I was choosing a theme for the Olivia Blake e-commerce site on Shopify, I chose one with a slideshow on the homepage to make it interesting to look at yet still easy to build and maintain. The only thing I had to do was create the slides.

Olivia Blake dresses are all about fairly simple silhouettes brought to life with great fabrics. Since I had collected a handful of swatches during my first meeting, I figured they could make for a cool slideshow.

I got out my Panasonic LX3, laid the fabric down on my white keyboard tray in some nicely diffused light from a window and went to work. Rather than just shoot straight down, I took advantage of the Panasonic’s fast, wide-angle lens to capture images with a very shallow depth of field and lots of interesting angles.

In Photoshop, I added the green rectangles and turned the slideshow into a (very brief) tour of what Olivia Blake has to offer. I sketched the dresses in Illustrator, mostly with my Wacom tablet, but finessed with the pen tool and finished by adding brush strokes.

You can see the slideshow in action at