InDesign: Updated Restaurant Menu

I was asked to design a new menu page layout for an oceanfront restaurant. Their first requirement was for the layout to be one page, but horizontal. In addition to that format, they were looking for something modern and a little whimsical (I removed their logo from the menu because the layout hasn’t been finalized yet). Click on the images for larger versions.

Using InDesign’s Nested Paragraph Styles and Character Styles made it easy to try several different typefaces with a minimal amount of tweaking for each new version.

This first layout played it pretty straight since their restaurant is more classic than edgy. I changed their old font, Candara, to Gotham which is cleaner and more modern.

Updated dinner menu 1

The first layout used Gotham to give the copy a more modern look.

This second option traded the watercolory waves for geometric lines. The font combination is a pretty classic pairing of sans serif Myriad, in condensed form, with the serifed Perpetua.

Updated restaurant menu 2

The second layout paired Myriad Pro Condensed headings with Perpetua for the item descriptions.

Finally, this third option pushed the design in a bolder, more casual direction. I would have been surprised if this option were chosen, but I really liked it. The Helvetica font is bold without being obnoxious or drawing attention to itself (unless you’re a designer who groans every time you see another establishment using Helvetica to try to look current, of course).

Updated restaurant menu 3

This third option used good ol' Helvetica Neue for a (stereotypical) hip, contemporary feel.