My Disneyland Blog

Setting up blogs for other people convinced me that I should have one, too. So I’m starting up a self-hosted WordPress site called The Last King of Fantasyland. Here’s my current header (I have other photos to roll out later):

The Last King of Fantasyland

The site was pretty easy to set up by creating a child theme of the standard Twenty Eleven theme. I changed the fonts and colors and a little bit of the layout by including the sidebar on pages and individual posts. I signed up for Google Adsense so I can get rich!

Oh and I also made a really cool navigation bar for all my “follow me” links:

The Last King of Fantasyland navigation

If you’re a fellow Disneyland nerd, or just want some tips on making your day at Disneyland great, this will be a place to get tips and my always important opinions of all things Disneyland.