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WordPress Blog Project: The Skinny Confidential

You’ve seen the logo, now here’s the Web site at

The Skinny Confidential Homepage

This was a fun project to work on because (a) Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential was great to work with, and (b) I learned a lot throughout the process.

It started out simply enough as a blog, then advanced into various CSS customization exercises before evolving into a full-on, self-hosted blog with Google Analytics, Google Adsense, ShareThis social sharing, a custom contact form, a MailChimp newsletter and lots and lots of other pieces. It was an exciting challenge and it’s been great to see Lauryn getting congratulations and positive feedback from her Facebook and Twitter followers.

I’ve got two more blogs in the early stages of development for other clients, so look out for more in the future!

Web Project: Hands United for Children


A straightforward site for a good cause: I laid this out using Adobe Fireworks so it could be turned into a Web site by a developer wizard.

A search through Veer’s royalty-free stock images led to the painted hands. I love the rich, primary colors on them and was actually tempted to create the site in similar tones until the client was set on the light blue.

I created the menu buttons in Photoshop, too, and the actual site will have some mouse-over effects on them. Once the site is completed, you’ll be able to see it at

I also produced the logo according to the client’s wishes.

My Disneyland Blog

Setting up blogs for other people convinced me that I should have one, too. So I’m starting up a self-hosted WordPress site called The Last King of Fantasyland. Here’s my current header (I have other photos to roll out later):

The Last King of Fantasyland

The site was pretty easy to set up by creating a child theme of the standard Twenty Eleven theme. I changed the fonts and colors and a little bit of the layout by including the sidebar on pages and individual posts. I signed up for Google Adsense so I can get rich!

Oh and I also made a really cool navigation bar for all my “follow me” links:

The Last King of Fantasyland navigation

If you’re a fellow Disneyland nerd, or just want some tips on making your day at Disneyland great, this will be a place to get tips and my always important opinions of all things Disneyland.